Webb Wilder Discography

Webb Wilder Discography
(version 04/2005)

Webb Wilder Discography (all USA releases unless otherwise noted):

All releases are still in print (unless noted)

  • Acres Of Suede
  • Town And Country
  • Doo Dad
  • Hybrid Vigor
  • It Came From Nashville- includes Deluxe Full Grown Edition
  • About Time
  • Scattered, Smothered, and Covered
  • Corn Flicks- the "swampadelic & cinematic" video
  • Promo and rare WW CDs
  • Lyrics can be found at the link here (thanks for the effort to do this!)

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    Acres Of Suede
    Watermelon (WM 1033) CD 1996

    Line-up: Webb Wilder- guitar, lead vocals, Les James Lester- drums, Kelly Looney- bass, vocals, George "Torch" Bradfute- the Tone Chaperone- guitars, vocals.

    tracks: The Olde Elephant Man, No Great Shakes,Loud Music, Fall in Place, Tips for Teens Manifesto, Flat Out Get It, Soul Mate, Scattered,Smothered and Covered, Tell Me Why, Charlene,Why Do You Call?, Carryin' The News to Mary, The Shuffle, Rocket to Nowhere (total time: ~47 minutes)

    For sound samples via Real Audio of Acres of Suede, see: Tunes.com

    Town and Country
    - Watermelon (WM 1032) CD 1995

    RELEASE DATE: Feb. 21, 1995 OUT OF PRINT
    tracks: "Stay Out Of Automobiles", Nashville Bum, Slow Death, Lover Not A Fighter, Honky Tonk Hell, My Mind's Eye, Too Many Rivers, Goldfinger, Talk Talk, Streets of Laredo, Short On Love, I Ain't Living Long Like This, Original Messed Up Kid, Rockin' Little Angel, two Webb speaks tracks

    Doo Dad
    - Zoo/Praxis/BMG (72445-11010-2) CD 1991

    As of 9/97, DOo Dad is out of print. A re-release with bonus tracks may happen.

    tracks: Hoodoo Witch, Tough It Out, Meet Your New Landlord, Sittin' Pretty, Big Time, Sputnik, Run With It, King Of The Hill, Everyday (I Kick Myself), The Rest (Will Take Care Of Itself), Baby Please Don't Go, I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)

    Hybrid Vigor
    - Island Records (91280-2) CD 1989

    tracks: Hittin' Where It Hurts, "Human Cannonball", Do You Know Something (I Don't Know), Cold Front, Safeside, Wild Honey, What's Got Wrong With You?, Ain't That A Lot Of Love?, Skeleton Crew, Louisiana Hannah

    It Came From Nashville
    - Watermelon Records (WM1018) CD 1986

    (originally released on vinyl on the indie Racket Records when the band was called "Webb Wilder and the Beatnecks")

    tracks: How Long Can She Last (Going That Fast), Horror Hayride, I'm Burning, Is This All There Is?, The Devil's Right Hand, Move On Down The Line, One Taste Of The Bait, I'm Wise To You, It Gets In Your Blood, Poolside, Ruff Rider, Keep It On Your Mind, Rock 'N' Roll Ruby*, Samson And Dellilah's Beauty Shop*, Cactus Planet*, Dance For Daddy* (* bonus tracks only on CD available only on the USA re-released CD)

    A re-released version was just made with more bonus tracks in September 2004. Released by Landslide Records, The Deluxe Full-Grown Edition contains all remastered tracks and sounds great. It's a mix of live and studio tracks. The songs are roots-rock at it's finest. There are also 6 extra live tracks from the same show that produced the original live material, plus more of Webb's witty banter. 26 tracks, over 71 minutes. What are you waiting for?!?!?!? Order it below

    About Time- Landslide Records CD 2005

    CD RELEASE DATE: March 15, 2005 GET IT TODAY!!

    tracks: Down on the Farm, I Just Had to Laugh, You Might Be Lonely for a Reason, Miss Missy from Ol' Hong Kong, If You're Looking for a Fool, Tell the World, Jimmy Reed is the King of Rock 'n' Roll, Scattergun, Battle of the Bands, Old Copper Penny, Mary Lou, Move It, The Only One, Little Boy Sad, Scattergun (instrumental)

    Scattered, Smothered, and Covered- Varese Sarabande CD 2005


    This is Webb's first compilation album containing a lot of material that's been out of print for quite some time.

    Tracks: How Long Can She Last (Going that Fast), Horror Hayride, Poolside, One Taste of the Bait, Ruff Rider, Is This All There Is?, Scattered, Smothered, and Covered, Flat Out Get It, Stay Out of Automobiles, Slow Death, Fall in Place, Loud Music, The Webb Wilder Credo, Honky Tonk Hell, My Mind's Eye, Rocket to Nowhere, I Ain't Living Long Like This, Carryin' the News to Mary, No Great Shakes

    The above tracks were taken from these albums: "It Came From Nashville", "Town & Country", and "Acres of Suede"

    Corn Flicks

    The video collection featuring THREE original films by award winning director Stephen Mims & WW tunes including the unreleased instrumental "Webb's Theme"

    NOTE: Sadly, this video is also out of print as of 9/97.

    Cinematic feature #1: HORROR HAYRIDE

    The first cinematic selection finds Webb Wilder yanked from his economy with dignity rock & roll tour to help the governor of Tennessee's daughter produce a new driver education film. In true "hillbilly noir" tradition, this simple assignment spirals downward into a dark and demented tale of extortion and bad manners in the underbelly of NashVegas.

    If you view this film, you will join Webb Wilder and undercover highway patrolman Travis Byrd as they defend truth, justice and the American way, matching wits with fallen country & western idol and hillbilly pornographer Carlsbad Devereaux. Follow them on their quest, which takes then from the dirt roads of Dixie to the phantasmagoric inner realms of Webb's troubled psyche.

    Cinematic feature #2: AUNT HALLIE

    Aunt Hallie is traumatized when she finds a used condom on her lawn. Imagining that the thing is laden with "old nasty diseases", Aunt Hallie becomes obsessed with preventing the ailment's spread. The winner of four major awards at festivals across the USA & Europe, Aunt Hallie has struck the comic nerve of a disease-wary world.

    Cinematic feature #3: WW, PRIVATE EYE: The Saucer's Reign

    The original Webb Wilder film adventure featuring music by Webb and the Ionizer.

    Rural Mississippi is rocked when Pristine Suggs falls victim to alien invaders. Her disappearance spawns panic among the trailer trash and spurs an investigation by the last of the full grown men: Webb Wilder.

    Part Marlowe, pure gonzo, Wilder's tale has become a perennial late-night cable favorite. WEBB WILDER, PRIVATE EYE has screened on The Campus Network, USA Network's Night Flight, and A&E's Short Stories.

    This is a wild collection of cool videos (not your typical music videos). Want more info ? Check the FAQ


    Promos and RARE WW CD all are OUT OF PRINT

    Tough It Out

    Cold Front

    Humman Cannonball

    Humman Cannonball- UK import single

    Hittin' Where It Hurts

    Sittin' Pretty

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